By 2021, the global market for clinical trials is anticipated to grow to $60Bn, a 75% increase over 2015. The largest contributor to this huge growth is the Asia-Pacific region.

Cancer Trials Australia’s CEO, Dr. Kurt Lackovic, presented at the first annual ‘Accelerating Clinical Trials in Asia’ conference in 2017, and was invited back to speak again this year. This conference attracts hundreds of experts from predominantly across the Asia-Pacific region. Dr. Lackovic’s presentation was entitled ‘Australian initiatives that ensure a sought-after clinical trial ecosystem’. He discussed the clinical trial landscape in Australia, our government’s policies in this space, clinician engagement and long-term partnerships with international biotech companies.

This conference highlighted key insights and utilised case studies to address technology advancement, regulatory reforms and operational efficiency in clinical trials. A significant focus at this specific meeting was the growing application of real world evidence in clinical trials, something CTA is exploring in partnership with ShareRoot Ltd (see previous news item).

Dr. Lackovic also took the opportunity to meet with Singaporean based biotechs, which are looking to capitalise on the advantages of conducting clinical trials in Australia.