Partnering with Sponsors

CTA currently works with some of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies and CROs to support drug development programs in Australia. We are the partner of choice for clinical trial site services:

  • Providing advice on trial design and protocol development
  • Coordinated feasibility evaluations
  • Clinical trials start-up and post-approval activities, and
  • All aspects of trial financial management

Since our inception, CTA has been involved with over 1,200 clinical trials that have recruited more than 8,000 patients. We operate with the highest ethical standards and believe our experience and expertise is reflected in our expanding portfolio of sites and trials, and the profiles of the sites we represent.

CTA operates in national and international Phase O-III trial environment, including first-time-in-human studies, with many different molecules, from small chemical agents to biological agents that include antibodies and therapeutic vaccines.

Partnership is the key to achieving CTA’s goals. Through our engagement with sponsors and our network of member sites, CTA is able to provide the ideal environment to support and drive drug development programs in Australia.

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