Services for Member Sites

CTA supports members with a variety of services for clinical trial administration management, from start-up to trials completion, including:

  • Ethics and governance start-up – maximising quality and minimising time to approval
  • Compilation and negotiation of clinical trial budgets and contracts – supporting financial sustainability of member Clinical Trial Units
  • Post-approval activities for ethics and governance – maintaining rapid responses as trials progress
  • Financial management – tracking and invoicing per patient fees, additional assessments and annual fees
  • Hosting and support of our Clinical Trial Management System (CTMS) – facilitating scheduling of patient visits and trial procedures

CTA can provide a full service for all clinical trial administration requirements or a fee-for-service option for specific projects or activities.

In addition to oncology clinical trials, CTA now provides clinical trial administration support for all types of non-oncology clinical trials.

Contact Us to discuss how CTA can support trials at your site