CTA has executed an MOU with ShareRoot Limited (ASX: SRO) to explore the application of ShareRoot’s MediaConsent platform as a tool to improve the dynamics of clinical trial recruitment, patient engagement, and understanding of patients’ health-related behaviour through the use of social media and the proper accompanying consent processes.

The shared goal with the MediaConsent clinical collaboration is to demonstrate how ShareRoot’s technology protects patient data and privacy whilst supporting the advancement of clinical research within a secure and compliant platform that ethically draws data from multiple sources including wearables and social media.

The collaboration will apply ShareRoot’s MediaConsent platform as a tool that offers clinical researchers access to a variety of consented real world data and evidence, in one platform. The benefit of the MediaConsent platform in a healthcare setting may deliver:

  • All data accessed via a single consent platform that puts the patient in control.
  • No data is held within MediaConsent posing a significantly reduced data security risk.
  • Ability to use data from patient’s social media to understand a patient’s lived experiences with an illness, condition or injury.
  • A rich, vertically integrated diverse dataset that may offer new insight into causal relationships, attitudes, behaviours and outcomes.
  • Compliant platform with new and emerging legislation and regulation regarding data ownership, data security and data privacy as well as existing codes of conduct, regulation and legislation that all healthcare providers and developers must adhere to.

Shareroot Limited’s ASX announcement can be found here.

Press coverage in the Australian Financial Review can be found here.