Membership Benefits

CTA provides a range of benefits to our network members. We are committed to supporting and strengthening the capacity and capability of our members via our key service areas, including:

  • Attracting and advocating for clinical trials to be hosted in Australia, specifically within member organisations.
  • Developing strategic partnerships within the clinical trials sector to promote and capitalise on member capabilities
  • Access to grant writing and management support services
  • Centralised feasibility evaluation to facilitate the efficient and timely review of new clinical trials
  • Coordination and hosting of quarterly meetings for 11 stream-based Tumour Groups
  • Access to clinical trial start-up and ongoing trial administration of ethics and governance activities
  • Financial administration of trial activity

CTA Tumour Streams

In 2004, CTA established a range of tumour groups across key tumour types, including; Brain, Breast, Gastro-intestinal, Gynaecology, Haematological Malignancies, Lung, Melanoma, Phase I and Uro-oncology studies. This has since expanded to include Head and Neck as of January 2019.

Tumour StreamTumour Stream Chair
BrainProfessor Hui Gan
BreastDr Belinda Yeo
Gastro-intestinalDr Margaret Lee
GynaecologyAssociate Professor Sumitra Ananda
Haematology (Lymphoma/Myeloma)Dr Michael Dickinson
Haematology (Myeloid/AML)Dr Chun Fong
Head and NeckProf Danny Rischin
LungDr Muhammad Alamgeer
MelanomaDr George Au-Yeung
Phase I/Early Drug DevelopmentAssociate Professor Ben Tran
Uro-OncologyDr Mark Voskoboynik

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