CTA understands the needs of pharmaceutical and biotech companies to run a successful clinical trial. We work in close partnership with our sponsors, and their CROs, to ensure key milestones are achieved within agreed timeframes.

CTA provides sponsors with a single point of contact to our network of members through established and robust communication channels, supported by our experienced administration team.

Through these partnerships, we strive to ensure that CTA trials deliver accurate and timely results.


CTA’s team of professional and committed staff provide centralised co-ordination of clinical trial start-up services from feasibility evaluations, ethics submissions, budget and contract negotiations through to trial approval, with minimum possible delays. The efficiency of our services are based upon:

  • Dedicated staff for ethics and governance, budget negotiation and contract completion
  • Deep site and sponsor knowledge to reduce authorisation layers and speed up budget negotiation
  • Expertise in a range of HRECs to quickly target submissions to the best available deadlines
  • Rigorous internal monitoring of timelines and time to approval
  • World-class Clinical Trials Management System to rapidly reconcile trial activity to invoicing
  • Rapid generation of closeout accounting

Access to CTA’s services provides a cost effective option that allows sponsors and sites to open new trials as quickly as possible, and then benefit from careful management of all post-approval amendments to minimise impact and support timely trial completion.


Ethics and governance specialists ensure that all HREC submission requirements are met and queries are kept to a minimum.   Trial budgets are prepared, negotiated and managed by our highly experienced staff through open communication with sites and sponsors. Clinical trial finances are expertly managed by our highly-experienced finance team.

The central management of all of our clinical trial administration provides consistent high quality services for all our sponsors.

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