Working closely with Marian Lieschke, Heike Raunow and Kylie Shackleton, CTA’s 2019 Research Manager’s Day was held on 17 October. 18 participants joined this highly productive forum from across CTA’s 28 members.  Participants included representatives from Victorian metropolitan and regional hospitals, as well as CTA’s interstate members.  The agenda included topics ranging from teletrials, registry trials, ethics and governance processes, surviving a TGA inspection, preparation for the national clinical trial governance framework including necessary education and competencies, CTA dashboards/metrics, through to other areas such as the new Site Investigator Platform (SIP) that some sponsors have implemented as well as electronic document management.   Guest presenters joined from RMH, RCH, MCRI, WEHI and the VCCC, ensuring robust discussion.

Thank you very much to Marian for helping to guide both the agenda and appropriate presenters, and to Heike and Kylie for hosting the day.  Also thanks to all speakers, who committed significant time and effort out of their busy schedules to ensure the day’s success.  In addition to the presentations, all members benefited from the opportunity to network with peers, discuss site specific issues and identify new ways to collaborate with one another.

I look forward to planning for next year’s forum and continually working with our members to advance this sector.

Jen Han