Cancer Trials Australia celebrates their support of 1,000 commercially sponsored clinical trials and the recruitment of 8,000 patients, in conjunction with International Clinical Trials Day on May 21st, 2018

Since 2003 Cancer Trials Australia (CTA) has been the proud partner of choice for Australian oncology clinical trials.  Over the past 15 years, CTA has supported over 1,000 commercially sponsored clinical trials, sponsored by over 200 different organisations, in addition to over 300 non-commercially sponsored trials.  These trials have recruited in excess of 8,000 patients, and contributed to marketed therapies benefiting many more patients.

In conjunction with International Clinical Trials Day on May 21, CTA paused to celebrate these achievements in conjunction with collaborators and member sites.  The CTA network now comprises 25 members, comprising 23 clinical sites and 2 research institutes, across 4 Australian states.  CTA enables collaboration amongst network members around resources, expertise and capability, which supports a growing number of oncology clinical trials in Australia; and enables the mentoring of clinical trial staff to ensure safe and efficient trials.