In mid-November, CTA was pleased to offer a Stress and Resilience Workshop for all staff, delivered by Bailey Opie, a Performance Psychologist at The Mind Room. We were extremely pleased with the level of participation and involvement by our staff.

The workshop involved a great deal of discussion and sharing of experiences and most importantly, the exploration of stress as unique to the individual, whereby a situation that may be stressful for one person, may not be viewed as stressful for another. This is particularly important in CTA’s line of work where we deal with competing and tight deadlines, and partner with multiple stakeholders, to meet the needs of our sites’ participants and staff.

We discussed a handful of practical evidence-based strategies to help with the process of building resilience and in turn learn how to manage stress in our work and personal lives. These strategies included a reflection of our personal attitude and the way we view stress, including how to create a space and techniques to respond to stressors.

CTA would again like to thank Bailey Opie from The Mind Room for delivering an informative and practical session, and to our staff for sharing individual situations and experiences to complement our learnings.

Additional workshops will be delivered to our staff in 2024, to support ongoing individual and professional development, as well as provide an opportunity for our hybrid teams to spend additional time together.