Cancer Trials Australia’s CEO, Dr. Kurt Lackovic, was a panelist at the 12th annual ‘China Trials – Clinical Development Leaders’ summit’ in Shanghai this week.  Other panelists included Jayden Rogers (acting CEO of Linear Clinical Research), Angela Luttick (Executive Director of Business Development at 360 Biolabs), and Jeffrey Wong (Director, Business Development at Nucleus Network).  The panel was moderated by Yan Wu, the Vice President and Head of Clinical Operations at Hutchinson MediPharma, based in Shanghai.  Yan spoke of Hutchinson’s very positive experiences in conducting both oncology and healthy participant clinical trials in Australia over many years.

This conference attracts hundreds of experts from predominantly China and it’s neighbors. The panel focused on early phase clinical development and regulatory reform in Australia, utilizing adaptive trial design to fast track clinical programs, accumulation of new product safety information in the Caucasian population, ICH compliant quality laboratories with globally accepted data, and how conducting trials in Australia supports subsequent trials in both the USA and China.

This years’ summit also focused on Chinese biotech differentiation, incentivizing Chinese innovation, immune-oncology, CAR-T therapies and the Chinese biotech investment landscape.

Dr. Lackovic also took the opportunity to meet with Chinese biotechs, some of which are already working with Cancer Trials Australia and our members, while others are seeking to capitalize on the advantages of conducting clinical trials in Australia.