Cancer Trials Australia (CTA) announced today that the Shepparton Hospital, through Goulburn Valley Health, and Northern Adelaide Cancer Centre Clinical Trials Unit, operating as the Lyell McEwin Hospital, have signed agreements to join CTA.

The Oncology Department at Shepparton is located in the Peter Copulos Cancer and Wellness Centre. Four oncologists and haematologists are employed at the centre which has a clinical trial program to offer patients.

The membership of Lyell McEwin represents CTA’s first footprint into South Australia. The oncology department has a significant trial program in medical oncology overseen by a research head and five oncologists.

“These two members strengthen the potential collaborative opportunities of the network, said Marcus Clark CEO. Shepparton is a key regional centre in Victoria and will represent the 8th site outside the Melbourne metro area where CTA is located. Lyell McEwin will be a key member for CTA due to its active clinical trial program and as an introduction into South Australia which has extensive research in the private and public sector taking place.

“CTA now has 20 active clinical sites which can collaborate in multi-site clinical trials. Despite Australia’s relatively small population, this structure provides a great opportunity for sponsors and investigators to conduct trials with significant patient numbers. With expertise to conduct trials from first-in-patient studies to large Phase 3 studies, the group has exceptional scientific and clinical resources,” said Professor Andrew Scott, Chairman of CTA.