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1 Sep. 2009

Cancer Clinical Trials Extended to Patients at Regional Cancer Centres

Melbourne Australia: The Hon Nicola Roxon MP (Minister for Health and Ageing) and The Hon Warren Snowdon MP (Minister for Indigenous Health, Rural and Regional Health and Regional Services Delivery) announced today that the Australian Government has committed funds to help boost the conduct of cancer clinical trials in regional areas.

Cancer Trials Australia (CTA) was awarded the role of Regional Coordinating Secretariat to provide an essential liaison and secretariat role to the hospitals in the Regional Multi-site Clinical Trials Capacity Building Network and coordinate liaison with these regional sites and the Multi-site Collaborative National Cancer Clinical Trials Groups.

The attached media announcement was released on the Department of Health and Aging website on Friday the 28th August 2009.

The CEO of CTA Marcus Clark said, “CTA was very privileged to be awarded this coordinating position in such an important program funded by Cancer Australia. I believe CTA has the experience and expertise to support the participating regional sites in providing rural and regional patients better access to cancer therapies through the clinical trial program.”

For further information please contact Sarah Bascomb (Program Manager, Regional Coordinating Secretariat) 03 9342 7525

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